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INTRO : The ICC world cup update  is about to start in just 3 months the biggest battle of cricket history. we all are familiar that cricket often reffered as a religion in some parts of world, specially in a country like india, where people worship  cricket. It brings people from every corner of the world  to celebrete the world cup supremacy. The ICC Cricket World Cup, held once every four years, showcases the finest cricketing talents from various countries, all unified by their love for the sport. The Cricket World Cup transcends national borders, uniting fans across continents and cultures. Whether it’s the passionate Indian supporters known for their love of the game, the vocal and patriotic English cricket enthusiasts, or the resilient Australian fans who always back their team, the tournament creates a global celebration of cricket that transcends language, age, and background.
world cup update
MATCH NO 1 [India VS Australia]
World cup
The matah series is going on from 5 oct To 19 nov. The chepauk stadium officially known as m.a.chidambaram stadium,located in chennai(tamilnadu). The pitch at Chepauk Stadium is known to be a batting-friendly surface, offering good support to batsmen. It has traditionally been a spin-friendly pitch, which means that it provides assistance to the spin bowlers, especially as the match progresses. The red soil used to prepare the pitch is known to offer significant turn and bounce, making it conducive for spinners to extract movement.


Date/Time = 8 october 2023 (2:30 PM IST)
VENUE = chepauk stadium (tamilnadu) INDIA.
 chennai is well known for its climate. which can be physically demanding  for players.The hot and humid climatic contitions can be a challenging phase for outside players not just australian. however skilled and talented players are made for adaptations. and it is not big deal for 5-Times world cup wining australian team.
This can be a highly challenging match,because two biggest international  champians will be facing  eachother soon this is the very first match so definately not a winner decider; but a game changer for india   


MATCH NO 2 [India V/S Afghanistan]
2nd match is schedule b/w india v/s afghanistan.india is historically a powerful and well skilled team india, have shown its greater performance in many domestic and international league.having a pool of talented and experienced players and many fablous players are about to debut with this world cup;however afghanistan have also shown its potential in recent years on international feild afghanistan also have some expectional players in their squad.


time\date =11 October 2023 (2:30 PM IST)
Venue =arun jaitely stadium (Delhi)
 the outcome of match is totally depend on pitch,wheather,term,strategiesand performance of players. ,It’s always exciting to see how teams perform in major tournaments like the World Cup, so its better to watch how these two teams perfome in this international champianship rather than prediting about it.
MATCH NO 3 (India V/S pakistan)
And the most awaited match which’s result can bring strome in both indiav/s pakistan .India versus Pakistan matches in the World Cup are highly anticipated and often attract a massive global audience due to the intense rivalry between the two cricketing nations. These matches are known for their high-pressure situations and have historically been very competitive.India and Pakistan have had several memorable encounters in past cricket World Cups. both team will face too much pressure by audiences because both have significient reason for their win on the context on world cup or political factors .The cricket fans are too much excited  to see this match.


Date/time =15 october 2023 (2:30 PM IST )
Venue =Narendra modi international stadium ( ahemdabad ) GUJRAT
So the match will be bigger and intersting as india is twice winner and also pakistan is one time winner of world cup so will pakistan is able to defeat india in their  country?Or india will win.You must watch this match
MATCH NO 4 [ India V/S Bangladesh ]
The next of india is with bangladesh.
India and Bangladesh have faced each other in multiple World Cup matches, and there have been notable performances from both sides. Here are a few exceptional performances from past encounters.
  1. Sachin Tendulkar’s 100* (2007): During the 2007 World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar scored an unbeaten century against Bangladesh. His innings played a crucial role in India’s win.
  2. Shakib Al Hasan’s 60 & 3/15 (2019): In the same 2019 World Cup match, Shakib Al Hasan showcased an all-round performance. He scored a half-century and also picked up three wickets for just 15 runs, despite Bangladesh’s loss..


Time\date = 19 october 2023 (2:30 PM IST)
Venue = MCA International stadium (pune) MAHARASTRA
These performances highlight the individual brilliance and impact players have had in India versus Bangladesh World Cup matches. However, it’s important to note that each match is unique, and the outcomes depend on various factors such as the form of the players, team strategies, and match conditions.
MATCH NO 5 [ India V/S New zeland ]
India’s fifth match will be with New Zealand, the most dangerous team of the World Cup. It is dangerous in every World Cup, even if it loses the series, but whenever New Zealand comes to the World Cup with its team, it proves to be very dangerous.New Zealand fast bowlers can get a lot of help in Dharamsala The pitch at the Dharamsala Stadium is known to be conducive to fast bowling due to its bouncy nature. The pitch generally offers good carry to the fast bowlers, which makes it an exciting prospect for pacers.


Time\date = 22 october 2023 (2:30 PM IST)
Venue =Dharmshala, (Himichal pradesh )
In the most recent World Cup, held in 2019, both New Zealand and India performed well. New Zealand reached the final for the second time, while India was eliminated in the semi-finals. However, their semi-final match against New Zealand was particularly memorable as it went into a reserve day due to rain interruptions. New Zealand won a closely contested match and advanced to the final, leaving India disappointed.
MATCH NO 6 [ India V/S England ]
England is very dangerous World Cup team, last time in 2019, when was the World Cup held in their own country and these people also won and if you talk about such a team England, then it has the power to defeat anyone in any country, although said earlier It was going that this match will be played in Kolkata but there was a lot of demand from UP that a World Cup match should be played then this match is being played in UP. Also2019 World Cup: England and India faced each other in the group stage, with England winning by 31 runs.


Time\date = 29 october 2023 (2:30 PM IST)
Venue =Ekhan stadium ,lucknow (U.P)
Also2019 World Cup: England and India faced each other in the group stage, with England winning by 31 runs.In summary, in World Cup history, England and India have faced each other seven times, with India winning five matches, England winning one, and one match ending in a tie. The most notable encounter was the 1983 World Cup final, where India emerged victorious and secured their first World Cup title.


MATCH NO 7 [ India V/S Qualifier 02 ]
Team India will play a total of 9 league matches, out of which the seventh match will be played against the Qualifier 2 team.Qualifier team is going to be the team which is currently running Cricket World Cup Qualifier tournament in Zimbabwe, the winning team from there will be the Qualified 2 teamAlthough it can be from the chance  that India’s match can be with Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe.
Time\date = 2 november  2023 (2:30 PM IST)
Venue =Wankhede Stadium,  mumbai
Although India has more chances of winning here because any team that comes here is weak in front of India, so India has more chances to win this seventh match in QualifiWhichever team comes in Qualifier 2, India has a huge upper hand here because the teams coming ahead of India are Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe, all of them are 2.
MATCH NO 8 [ India V/S South africa ]
In  the Cricket World Cup, South Africa and India have faced each other six times, with South Africa winning three matches and India winning two. One match was abandoned. These encounters have produced some exciting moments and close contests, showcasing the competitive spirit between the two teams.Although South Africa also emerges as a very strong team in the World Cup and has thwarted India’s intentions many times in this, going to the finals, it can also grow as a dangerous team for India. See interisting  India South Africa how does it compete with


Time\date = 5 november  2023 (2:30 PM IST)
Venue =eden garden ,kolkata
MATCH NO 9 [India V/S Qulifier 1 ]
India will play its nova and last league stage match in the World Cup, it will also be played with the 1st qualified teamQualifier team is going to be the team which is currently running Cricket World Cup Qualifier tournament in Zimbabwe, the winning team from there will be the Qualified 2 teamAlthough it can be from the chance  that India’s match can be with Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe.
Time\date = 11 november  2023 (2:30 PM IST)
Venue =chinnaswami stadium

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