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The Ashes Test Series has started and the first match is being played between England and Australia at the edgbaston Stadium.This match is going to be very interesting because on one side there is England who are third in the Test rankings and on the other side there is Australia who have recently won the World Test Championship, both the teams can prove to be very dangerous for each other. Now see It will be whether Wales will be able to beat the Kangaroos or the Kangaroos will be beat wales.

I turn on, both open batsmen of England, Ben Duckett and Jack crawley come on the ground and bowl the first over, come from the side to bowl the first over. Duckett was dismissed after scoring 12(10) runs on a hazwlwood  ball, on the other hand, Crawley did not change his style of play at all, he did not make any significant difference to the wicket, only par ollile was out lbw after scoring 27(9) runs on ball in 17.5 overs and Crawely  completed his half century in 8 . 2 oversand its 9 th test fifty of zak crawely. And after a brilliant half-century, he was finally dismissed for 61 (72) Boland’s  in 26 . 3 overs.his wicket meant a lot for Australia, zak crawley  who was looking in very good form, proved to be fatal later on, but Australian bowler boland  managed to get Australia a big wicket.Harry Brook came in after lunch, joe root  batted very well in the beginning, but 37 .1 in one over, Harry was dismissed for 32 runs off 36 balls  nylon  ball.

zak crawely 61 off 72

In next over 38.3 Ben Stokes was dismissed for 1 runs in  7 balls  on Hazlewood’s ball, now the  England scored 176/4After ban strok  wicket  joe root  r completed his half century t43.1  over this was root’s 59th test half century supporting him  jonny  baistow  also completed his half century 57 .1  over this johnny baistow on 24 The 10th Test half  century was followed by a 104-run partnership between Jonny Bistrow  and joe  Root.

Joe rooot 118 off 152 not out

Later on 61 .3 overs Johnny Biostow  gave his wicket on nylon  e ball wher  he scored  78 runs in 77 ballsBut Joe Root didn’t have much effect on this wicket, he continued his batting style and for that  Australia’s bowlers were fiercely washed by joe root at the  75. 5 overs. Joe Root hit his  thirty test century In the 78th over, there was a signal of declaration from the captain’s side and on the Day 1 1st innings score eng 393/8(dec)

Top sccorer of 1st innings

Joe root 118 (152)

Highest wicket taker

Nathan Lyon 4 wicket /149 runs given /eco 5.14

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