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The Ashes day 4 HIGHLIGHTS

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  • AUS 107/3 in 30 overs

    Broad to bowl the last over of the evening. He starts with a short ball outside the off-stump to Boland. Another bouncer and Boland ducks beneath it. Beaten! Broad gets one to move in from wide of the crease and the ball gently whizzes past the outside-edge. Massive inswinger and Boland gets a thick outside-edge trickling past wide slip for FOUR. Broad hits the length while angling in and Boland blocks it out. Last ball coming up. In the blockhole and through to Bairstow. Broad keeps the game on the tenterhooks ahead of the final day’s play. Australia needs 174 to win. England, seven wickets!

  • JUNE 19, 2023 23:27
    AUS 103/3 in 29 overs

    Moeen Ali into the attack. Can they sneak in one more over tonight? Moeen lines up for an attack on the stumps. Khawaja digs them out comfortably. Loopy delivery and Khawaja prods forward to defend. Maiden. A minute left on the clock and England will get one more over in.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 23:23
    AUS 103/3 in 28 overs

    Broad slides one in and Khawaja tucks the ball fine for FOUR. Full outside-off and Khawaja is content with a single with seven minutes left on the clock. Another inswinger and Boland gets it fine past short-fine leg for two runs. Another incoming delivery and Boland gets an inside-edge past backward square-leg for two more.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 23:19
    AUS 94/3 in 27 overs

    Short leg and short mid-wicket in place. Anderson bangs one in to Boland who ducks underneath. Hint of room and Boland cuts it off the back-foot for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 23:12
    AUS 90/3 in 26 overs

    What was that? A ripper from Broad. Broad cuts one in and it looks like Smith got a faint outside-edge that bumps just before Bairstow. Massive inswinger and the edge saves an lbw and the bump saves Smith from a caught-behind! Broad to Smith, OUT! What an over! Another classic inswinger and Smith fends hard at it and gets an outside-edge to Bairstow! Broad is turning it around in Birmingham.

    Scott Boland is in at 5. A wide inswinger steams into Bairstow’s pouch. Straighter this time and Boland blocks it out. He’s off the mark with a ingle.

    Steven Smith c †Bairstow b Broad 6 (13b 1×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 22:50
    AUS 78/2 in 22 overs

    Moeen walks off the field. Broad is back in the attack. He starts with a beauty. Just outside the off-stump with a wobble-seam, moving late and away from Labuschagne past the outside-edge. Another no-ball. Broad to Labuschagne, OUT! Edged and Gone! Cracking delivery from Broad! He takes this just wide of the off-stump and angles it in. Labuschagne attempts a firm push but gets a thick outside-edge to the keeper.

    In comes Steve Smith.

    Marnus Labuschagne c †Bairstow b Broad 13 (15b 3×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 22:37
    AUS 70/1 in 19 overs

    Moeen employs an attacking line to Labuschagne despite having discomfort with his bruised finger. Labuschagne is yet to get off the mark. Moeen overpitches and Labuschagne reverse-sweeps him for FOUR. Straighter delivery and Marnus repeats the stroke for another FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 22:26
    AUS 61/1 in 18 overs

    Another short ball and Warner wallops it through mid-wicket for FOUR. Robinson to Warner, OUT! He finds the outside-edge. Gentle length delivery outside the off-stump and Warner has a gentle poke at it. Huge wicket for England. Marnus Labuschagne is in at 3. He is on a king pair and Stokes lines up a packed close-in field Solid block from Marnus.

    David Warner c †Bairstow b Robinson 36 (57b 4×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 22:23
    AUS 57/0 in 17 overs

    Moeen comes around the wicket and Stokes places himself straight down the ground behind Moeen. Khawaja asks the umpire regarding the field but Stokes continues to maintain his spot.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 22:10
    AUS 45/0 in 14 overs

    Robinson digs one short and Warner gets on top of the bounce and slams it through point for FOUR. A single to follow. The close-in field is back for Khawaja. Robinson overpitches and Khawaja flays the ball through point for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 21:55
    AUS 31/0 in 10 overs

    Robinson into the attack and Stokes returns with a short mid-wicket, silly mid-on, mid-off, short cover and point! Wow. Robinson finds a nip-backer that tails in to hit Khawaja high on the pads. The field is surely playing on his mind. Maiden.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 21:50
    AUS 31/0 in 9 overs

    Anderon is beginning to leak runs here. Short ball and Warner easily pulls it past backward square-leg for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 21:41
    AUS 26/0 in 7 overs

    Warner continues to drop anchor and pick the gaps for the odd single. Anderson aims for more pace here than swing as he tails the ball into the left-handers. Three from the over.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 21:25
    AUS 14/0 in 3 overs

    Another loosener and Warner pounces on it in a flash but fails to get past cover. Anderson strays to the pads and Warner flicks it past mid-on for two runs.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 21:18
    AUS 12/0 in 2 overs

    Stuart Broad into the attack. Room on offer and Warner charges at it with a slap to cover. It’s a no-ball. Broad shapes one in and Warner stands tall to tap the ball to point. Straighter delivery and Warner guides it down to fine-leg for a single.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 21:14
    AUS 10/0 in 1 over

    Anderson with the new ball. Khawaja on strike. Three slips in place. Khawaja taps the ball to cover for a single and is off the mark. Anderson slides one down leg to the keeper. A streaky single to follow. Loose and angling in from Anderson and Khawaja swivels to guide the ball down leg for FOUR. Edged and gone through the slips! Anderson shapes one away to find a genuine outside-edge and the ball steams past Bairstow and Root at first-slip.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 21:12
    The chase begins

    David Warner and Usman Khawaja are at the middle. Meanwhile, England’s seamers are unhappy with the ball that has been chosen.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:58
    Highest successful chases at Edgbaston
    • 378 – England v India, 2022
    • 281 – South Africa v England, 2008
    • 208 – England v New Zealand, 1999

    Australia needs to equal the second-highest successful chase at Edgbaston to open the Ashes series and the WTC cycle with a win.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:51
    ENG 273 all out in 66.2 overs

    Cummins to Anderson, OUT! Regulation outside-edge off a bouncer and Carey dives to his left for a fine catch. Australia needs 281 to win!

    James Anderson c †Carey b Cummins 12 (14b 2×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:44
    ENG 271/9 in 65 overs

    Boland drops short and Anderson charges and spanks the ball through cover for FOUR. Fiery bumper and Anderson gets some wood on it and escapes with a single. Broad retains strike with a single.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:36
    ENG 263/9 in 63 overs

    Boland strays to the pads and Anderson flicks it to square-leg and reels in two runs. Every run is being cheered by the crowd now. Boland rushes past the outside-edge on a couple of occasions but Anderson holds his ground.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:30
    ENG 260/9 in 62 overs

    Robinson attempts another reverse-sweep off Lyon but misses. He steps out and taps a ball towards short mid-wicket. In the slot and Robinson charges to pump the ball towards long-on but Green puts in a good effort to deny a boundary. Lyon to Robinson, OUT! Finds Green at long-on this time. Slower ball through the air and Robinson chips it to the fielder who steps in from the fence. Jimmy Anderson is the last man. And Anderson is off the mark with a reverse-sweep down to third for FOUR!

    Ollie Robinson c Green b Lyon 27 (44b 2×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:20
    ENG 251/8 in 59 overs

    Short ball from Hazlewood and Robinson upper-cuts it finer to third for FOUR. Width on offer and Robinson slaps the ball through point for two runs after Lyon cuts a boundary – 250 up for England.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:10
    ENG 240/8 in 57 overs

    Broad and Robinson add a few crucial singles. Hazlewood goes for the short ball and Robinson clears away and swats the ball down the ground for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 20:04
    ENG 232/8 in 56 overs

    Broad attempts a reverse-sweep as Lyon darts one in straight to the pads. Erasmus raises the finger after a long pause. The replays suggest a spike on the UltraEdge. Broad survives.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:56
    ENG 229/8 in 55 overs

    Hazlewood to Robinson, OUT? A superb catch at short-leg. Labuschagne leaps in front as Hazlewood bumps one into Robinson. Seems like he’s latched onto it cleanly. Not Out. The ball was grounded before Labuschagne had a firm grip on it. A single to follow. Hazlewood to Moeen, OUT! Edged and gone. Hazlewood comes around the wicket and sends in another sharp bouncer. Moeen attempts a pull but gets a faint nick to Carey. Stuart Broad is in at 10. Hazlewood starts with a bouncer to the arm. IN THE AIR AND CLOSE! Hazlewood sends in another quick bumper and Broad gets a leading-edge behind square. Smith steams in from leg-slip and goes for it with one-hand but fails to latch onto it.

    Moeen Ali c †Carey b Hazlewood 19 (31b 2×4 1×6)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:51
    ENG 228/7 in 54 overs

    Lyon attempts to waft one in and Moeen unleashes a slog-sweep against the turn over deep mid-wicket for SIX. Excellent riposte as Lyon goes slower through the air with a straighter line to beat the outside-edge and offer a stumping chance.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:46
    ENG 221/7 in 53 overs

    Width from Cummins and Moeen throws his bat at it. The thick outside-edge flies through backward point for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:41
  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:24
    ENG 210/7 in 49 overs

    Cummins to Stokes, OUT! Cummins tails one in sharply to hit the pads and the umpire has no hesitations to raise his finger. Sharp nip-backer from Cummins and Stokes plays down the wrong line. Stokes reviews but he has to depart. Ollie Robinson is in at 9. Cummins welcomes with a couple of sharp bouncers.

    Ben Stokes lbw b Cummins 43 (66b 5×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:20
    ENG 209/6 in 48 overs

    Lyon continues to test Stokes outside the off-stump. Stokes does well to cover the line of the ball. Stokes forces Lyon to bowl straighter and plays a fierce sweep behind square for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:09
    ENG 197/6 in 46 overs

    Lyon to Bairstow, given! Lyon pitches one on the full and deftly spins it in as Bairstow attempts another reverse-sweep but misses. Erasmus has a long thought before raising his finger. England reviews. THREE REDS, OUT!

    Moeen Ali is in at 8.

    Jonny Bairstow lbw b Lyon 20 (39b 3×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 19:01
    ENG 196/5 in 45 overs

    Width from Cummins and Bairstow crunches the ball through cover-point for FOUR. Fraction short and Bairstow slices one just past Steve Smith at first-slip for another FOUR. Cummins follows up with a bumper before conceding a single. Straighter ball to Stokes and he pushes it back to the bowler.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 18:56
    ENG 186/5 in 44 overs

    Lyon continues to attack the pads and Bairstow plays out another reverse-sweep to deep point for a single. Low full-toss and Stokes reverse-sweeps it on the full to short-third? Is that out? The Aussies are celebrating. The umpires are having a chat and refer the decision upstairs. Clear bump off the ground on replays and Stokes survives.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 18:52
    ENG 184/5 in 43 overs

    Cummins is back into the attack. Half-tracker outside the off-stump and Stokes heaves the ball across the line through mid-on for FOUR. Short this time and Stokes carves it past gully for another FOUR. A single to follow.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 18:43
    ENG 173/5 in 41 overs

    Boland continues to run in. Carey stands up to the stumps again. Width outside the off-stump and Bairstow slices it past gully for FOUR. A single to follow. Boland comes around the wicket to Stokes who continues to employ a sturdy defence. Boland line sone in and Stokes flicks for a single and retains strike.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 18:33
    ENG 155/5 in 38 overs

    Lyon starts with a maiden after Lunch. He prompts to move back Stokes back and forth in the crease, mixing up his lengths well with pace.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 18:31
    Second session starts

    Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow after Lunch. Nathan Lyon to continue.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 17:47
    ENG 155/5 in 37 overs – LUNCH

    Boland to Bairstow, OUT! That looked plumb.Boland gets one to move in late and keep low onto Bairstow’s pads. England reviews. HUGE REVIEW! Wickets missing and Bairstow survives. The ball swings in a bit too much with height and it slides down leg. Fuller this time and Boland hits the pad once again but Australia decides against a review this time. And we head to LUNCH. What a session of Test match cricket.

    26.3 overs. 127 runs. 3 wickets.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 17:31
    ENG 150/5 in 34 overs

    Lyon to Brook, OUT! Straight to short mid-wicket. Fraction short and Brook goes for a sweep but sends it to the right of Labuschagne who dives to complete a fine catch. England’s in trouble now. Jonny Bairstow is in at 7.

    Harry Brook c Labuschagne b Lyon 46 (52b 5×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 17:17
    ENG 146/4 in 32 overs

    Steve Smith is currently making changes in the field. Lyon darts one in and Stokes works it across for a single. Tighter lengths and Brook taps a ball towards short mid-wicket.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 17:08
    ENG 137/4 in 30 overs

    Loud appeal as Lyon lines one in towards Stokes’ pads with the bat in close vicinity. Umpire Erasmus denies a wicket but Australia reviews. The ball keeps low and just passes the under-edge but the UltraEdge shows a spike and the TV umpire goes with it. Stokes survives.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 16:48
    ENG 130/4 in 26 overs

    Lyon to Root, OUT! Got him. Root dances down the track but Lyon cramps him up and runs one through the swing to Carey who finds an easy stumping. Huge wicket for Australia as Ben Stokes walks in.

    Joe Root st †Carey b Lyon 46 (55b 5×4 1×6)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 16:37
    ENG 121/3 in 24 overs

    Lyon continues from around the wicket to Brook. He tosses one outside the off-stump and Brook charges to lift the ball over extra cover for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 16:25
    ENG 111/3 in 22 overs

    Nathan Lyon into the attack. Short and drifting in but Brook makes room to cut through point for FOUR – 100 up for England. Lyon strays to the pads and Brook sweeps the ball behind square for another FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 16:10
    ENG 90/3 in 19 overs

    Cummins slides one and Root nimbly flicks it through mid-wicket for two runs. Short from Cummins and Root attempts another reverse-ramp but misses. Cummins sends in a nip-backer and Root plays it adeptly towards cover. Angling in a touch too much and Root clips it behind square for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 16:03
    ENG 77/3 in 17 overs

    Cummins to Pope, OUT! An unplayable delivery knocks off the off-stump. A cracking inswinging yorker moves in late past Pope’s defences. Top stuff from the Australian captain. Harry Brook in at 5.

    Ollie Pope b Cummins 14 (16b 2×4)

  • JUNE 19, 2023 15:54
    ENG 72/2 in 16 overs

    The onslaught continues. Short from Boland and Root slashes the ball through backward point for FOUR.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 15:43
    ENG 61/2 in 14 overs

    Boland overpitches and Root crunches the ball through cover for FOUR. A single to follow. Fraction short from Boland and yet Pope lunges forward to push the ball through mid-off for FOUR, opening his account.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 15:33
    ENG 45/2 in 12 overs

    Scott Boland into the attack. Root rushes across the line and flicks Boland through mid-wicket for FOUR. Carey comes up to the stumps. Length from Boland and Root reverse-scoops the ball straight over Carey for SIX! For SIX! Another reverse-scoop – this time wide off third slip for FOUR! Fuller ball outside off, Root punches through cover and finds two runs.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 15:30
    ENG 29/2 in 11 overs

    Root attempts a reverse-scoop as Cummins runs the first ball past the outside-edge to Carey! Straighter ball to follow and Root blocks it solidly.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 15:30
    Action begins

    Joe Rott and Ollie Pope are back out in the middle as Pat Cummins takes the ball to open Day 4.

  • JUNE 19, 2023 15:29
    Game On
  • JUNE 19, 2023 15:10
    Will Bazball backfire?

    England effectively starts the day at the 35 for two after a brief, effective run by Australia’s seamers on Sunday evening before the rain. Will Stokes and Co. persist with the Bazball mindset even when their backs are against the wall?

  • JUNE 19, 2023 14:38
    Sunshine in place
  • JUNE 19, 2023 14:27
    Ashes – 1st Test Day 3 review

    Australia captain Pat Cummins starred with both bat and ball as the Ashes-holder had the better of a rain-marred third day in the first Test against England in Birmingham.

    The lower-order batsman made a useful 38 in a total of 386 that left Australia just seven runs behind in the first innings.

    And the fast bowler then dismissed Ben Duckett before England also lost its other opener, Zak Crawley, in a dramatic 20-minutes play between the showers.

    England was 28-2 in its second innings, a lead of just 35 runs, at stumps after a huge downpour at 14:50 GMT had sent the players from the field.


    Both batsmen should have already been out, with Khawaja bowled off a Stuart Broad no-ball on 112 and Carey dropped by opposing wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow on 26.

    Bairstow had made a run-a-ball 78 in England’s first innings, but his bad time behind the stumps continued with just the fourth ball of Sunday’s play as he gave Carey another reprieve by dropping a one-handed chance off James Anderson.

    But Anderson, the most successful fast bowler in Test history, took matters into his own hands as the 40-year-old bowled Carey between bat and pad for his first wicket of the series.

    New batsman Cummins launched off-spinner Moeen Ali for two sixes and later hoisted Broad high over the rope as Australia moved closer to drawing level.

    Broad had labelled the pitch “soulless’ on Saturday, but the innovative tactics that have characterised the leadership of England captain Ben Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum helped wrap up the Australia innings quickly.

    Khawaja was finally bowled by Ollie Robinson trying to pierce an unusual “umbrella field” as an impressive 321-ball innings, including 14 fours and three sixes, finally came to an end.

    The final four Australian wickets fell for just 14 runs in 23 balls, Robinson (3-55) ending the innings when he had Cummins caught in the deep by Stokes.

    – AFP

  • JUNE 19, 2023 14:25
    Where to watch Ashes 2023 1st Test, Day 4 in India?

    Day 4 of the first England vs Australia Ashes Test match will be shown live on Sony Sports Network from 3:30 PM IST.

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